Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Strength in comfort

For an efficient, economical power supply that allows you to concentrate fully on your mission.

ComfortPro auxiliary power units (APU) offer a full range of solutions that can be adapted to your needs. Diesel or electric, built-in or independent, personalize your system with services provided by our Nordic experts and enjoy uncompromised comfort.

Comfort Pro Diesel

Discover the advantages you get from Carrier, the industry standard for a complete APU:

  • Provides sleeper cab air conditioning and heating
  • Powers household accessories
  • 2,000-hour maintenance interval
  • Charges the truck batteries
  • Enhanced drive system
  • Warms the truck engine
  • Compatible with shore power
  • Monitors battery charge

Comfort Pro Electric

The ComfortPro® Electric APU is a no-emission air conditioning system designed for driver comfort:

  • Quiet, engineless air conditioning
  • Up to 11 hours runtime with comfort monitor
  • Quick-charging AGM batteries
  • Low Maintenance system
  • Customizable capabilities for heating, power and more
  • Compatible with shore power

The Nordic team is equipped to take you farther and has lots to offer

  • Vehicle conversion
  • Unit maintenance
  • Service and parts
  • Integration of localization technologies
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