Simply multi-temperature at its best!

No matter what nasties the weather unleashes on us, our convoys equipped with Vector units are always at the right temperature.

It’s a simpler, smarter technology. You don’t turn on all the lights in your house with just one switch. That would be a waste of energy! It isn’t a good way to operate your refrigeration system either. Usually, once you start the diesel engine everything starts up, whether needed or not. Vector™ units only supply what is necessary, so they offer optimum performance and efficiency.

To each mission its own Vector unit

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Vector Single-temperature

Vector Multi-temperature

Multiple configurations and extended possibilities with multi-temperature

Compartment systems, combined with Viking Nordic’s know-how, allow you to fine-tune your convoy so you can undertake your everyday missions.

Control and accuracy: convoys for our time

The world of refrigerated transportation goes far beyond installing a refrigeration unit.

Ask the Nordic team to tell you about technological integration, remote temperature control and telemetry: a wide world will open up to help you make your convoys secure. More than just installing refrigeration units, we integrate technologies that optimise your fleet.


Constant data to optimize your operations in real time via GPS

Monitoring and control

With two-way communications you can remotely manage several maintenance points for your fleet of trucks.

Monitoring and advanced control

Constant data to optimize your operations and upgrade software via TRU controller.


To face North American winters

Nothing is more reliable than a Solara heating unit from Carrier! Combine it with APX Control System technology and your convoy will be stabilized, protected and ready to face the storm!

The Nordic team is equipped to take you farther and has lots to offer

  • Vehicle conversion
  • Unit maintenance
  • Service and parts
  • Integration of localization technologies
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