Separate compartments to control temperature within your unit

With custom-made insulated partitions that allow you to create up to three different temperature zones and a range of industrial curtains, Randall supplies a range of affordable partitioning solutions that are as easy to set up as they are reliable.

Comfort Pro

Better autonomy, fuel savings and reduced emissions

Nordic distributes IMPCO products, including their range of ComfortPro onboard generators that act as idle reduction units for your trucks. Besides providing climate control for the cab and sleeper, ComfortPro provides electricity to truck and cargo, powers the engine block heater and charges truck batteries.

Comfort Pro comes in two models: the Comfort Pro diesel APU that requires very little fuel (0,20 liter/hour) and the Comfort Pro Electric APU, a completely independant system that requires no fuel whatsoever.

Comfort Pro doesn't require any supplemental heating system or inverter. Whether it is 30° above, down South, or 30° below in Calgary, ComfortPro will provide you with the autonomy, reliability and comfort you need!


A brilliant solution for fleet management

Nordic also distributes the renowned IBright tracking systems by Coretex. Adaptable to all types of trucks and tractor-trailers, IBright is one of the few communications and tracking system in North America to tap directly into refrigeration unit microprocessors, enabling real-time monitoring of critical information such as trailer temperature, fuel levels, anomalous behaviour

You can remotely start a unit, reset its temperature, and much more with a simple click on your smartphone, tablet or computer! The in-cab ibright drive acts as a GPS, an electronic inspection unit and log book, prepares your fuel tax reports, doubles up as a message centre de and truck engine management system. IBright… A true telematics system and a brilliant solution!