Nordic Réfrigération | Alexandre Diloretto
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Alexandre Diloretto

A member of the Nordic clan for 4 years, Alexandre Diloretto is a parts clerk. His mission is to advise customers, respond to and prepare orders and ensure their shipment. All these tasks require precision, patience and a great sense of organization.

After completing his high school studies, Alexandre took several courses (accounting, automotive mechanics). But his training was mostly on the job, in the company. He started as a warehouse clerk, before moving up the ladder, becoming a buyer and then a parts clerk. Alexandre owes this journey to his perfectionism. He has been deeply committed to improving his skills and has even done personal research on the machines sold and repaired by Nordic. In his job, he learns every day and this is an essential asset for him.

Like all his colleagues, Alexandre is very demanding with himself and proud to provide his clients with the best possible service. He also appreciates the excellent rapport between all the members of the group. Vikings go into battle together and never let down a colleague who needs help!

Nordic Réfrigération | Maggie Taher
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Maggie Taher

Maggie Taher holds a DEC in business administration and a bachelor's degree from UQÀM, with certificates in marketing, administration and human resources.

On board the Nordic ship since August 2017, her mission is to coordinate the exchange of information between the company's various members and its partners, customers and suppliers. Her tasks are therefore very diverse: opening and closing files, acting as liaison with the sales department for new orders, updating lists and inventories, drawing up invoices and maintenance contracts, drafting monthly sales reports. Maggie loves this professional life where no two days are ever alike!

Like the Vikings of yesteryears, she has a taste for adventure, but also an expert eye. Her position requires resourcefulness, very strong organizational skills and a lot of concentration.

For her, teamwork is the key to success. Maggie appreciates the friendly spirit that prevails at Nordic and the attention paid by management to the well-being of employees.

Nordic Réfrigération | Sébastien Couture
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Sébastien Couture

On the Nordic drakkar, Sébastien is one of the sailors destined to become great warriors. With a DEP in electromechanics, this 26-year-old installer was recruited in June 2018. He is therefore in the process of becoming a mechanic specialized in the field of refrigeration, a world that fascinates him.

For him, the Nordic spirit is first and foremost about self-improvement. The company not only provides him with a job, it encourages him to acquire new skills every day so that he can give the best of himself. Sébastien receives advice from his experienced colleagues and attends workshops outside the company, and even abroad! Thanks to his meticulousness, manual skills and 100% motivation, the young installer feels like he has become another person in just a few months.

Nordic already has a long history, but it is also for Sébastien a company looking to the future. With systems in constant evolution, every day is a new challenge! And Vikings of all generations are ready to take up this challenge together.

Nordic Réfrigération | Daniel Carvalho
Viking Ico

Daniel Carvalho

Over the past 15 years, Daniel Carvalho has become one of the pillars of the Nordic Group. As a transport refrigeration technician, he carries out a wide range of tasks and works in the workshop, but also on the road. Indeed, Daniel regularly meets customers, whether for emergency interventions or scheduled maintenance appointments. In this context, he ensures the repair as well as the installation, adjustment and maintenance of refrigeration systems. The experience he has accumulated also allows him to train young installers who join the company.

Daniel acquired this expertise at Nordic, where he learned the specifics of his profession. Thanks to his listening skills and his constant desire to progress, he has been able to develop professionally. According to him, specialized training in the field of residential or commercial refrigeration can be an asset for working at Nordic, but the most important features are motivation, precision, a passion for mechanics and manual skills.

Since the beginning of his journey at Nordic, Daniel has always been able to count on the solidarity of his colleagues: mutual assistance and information sharing are their mottoes. This group cohesion is a major asset that makes Nordic a recognized brand in its field.

Whether you need to be guided in the purchase of new equipment or parts, to place an emergency service call or need regular maintenance performed, you will find Nordic's multidisciplinary team of advisors and skilled technicians ready to assist.

From our Sales department to our management, people in Parts and Service, all of our staff works together to offer you custom, efficient refrigeration solutions.

Installers prep and equip your trucks and tractor-trailers. Our mechanics maintain and service your refrigeration equipment in our facilities, or yours. Our shop manager is responsible for all workshop services, acting as a relay between customers and mechanics, dispatching service calls to mobile technicians and ensuring parts availability.


Lasting commitment

From the very beginning, the Nordic team shares a promise to provide our customers with the best service, without delay!

Nordic also distinguished itself with its sound management practices and quality work environment. Our firm is proud to count on the dedication of several long-time employees, some of whom have been with the company since its foundation, 20 years ago!

Lasting commitment